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    The AKA brand was launched by designer Phil Pearce from Manchester, England.

    Phil earned his fashion pedigree on the jagged edge of the streets of Manchester’s artistic underbelly, where style was being dictated by the explosively creative fringe. Phil’s obsession with music and the individualistic style of the musical icons that surrounded him was what fueled his ambition to become a part of the fashion scene. He wanted to be style starter, not a follower. A creator of cool.

    Phil’s own personal style and design approach can best be described as polished grit; quality and integrity of design coupled with tenacity, approachability, street sense, and the unquenchable desire to stand apart from the norm.
    This is the DNA of AKA.

    Phil understood from the start that a great design was not enough and that his designs needed to be beautifully constructed as well where the devil is in the details. So he chose to attend the Hollings faculty – Manchester Metropolitan University, the number one apparel tech college in Europe, where he studied fashion design and technology.

    Phil started his first brand in the 90s called The Works.
    It was a 6 year collaborative venture with 4 other business partners.
    The Works was a rock-n-roll infused, party people focused, no sleep till dawn, ‘bad boys and girls’ collection. The after hours street wear of the time. They were wildly successful selling to over 500 accounts worldwide, only to be derailed by following their own brand philosophy too closely.

    From 1997-2011 Philip joined the Jon Adams Fashion Group supplying major UK High Street retailers. He established their Menswear Division and was in charge of design and production for all high volume clientele.

    Phil always knew that he would launch his own brand again so in 2014 he decided on the name AKA for his new endeavor.
    AKA (Also Known As) was created with the idea that new names are often taken by big personas to fit their true identities and not their birthright.
    The collection is conceptualized with easy interchangeable layered pieces that allow people to create their own style, their own look that is in line with their identity.

    In 2015, for AKA’s global expansion, Phil became partners with Bethel Collins.
    Bethel is a New York based fashion Consultant who has worked with brands from all over the world as an International Brand Manager and Global Sales Director. Her expertise is in launch strategies for global markets.
    Together they are expanding the brand for a move into the European, Scandinavian, North American, and Asian markets.

    All AKA production was moved to specialized factories in Portugal where they combine expert tailoring, old world craftsmanship, and hand finishing with modern innovations in textiles and dying techniques, and a strict quality control.

    The AKA brand is infused with Phil and Bethel’s ideals of persistence and tenacity, quality without compromise, and trend aware but not dictated by it. The AKA brand philosophy is street smart, high style with an uptown, back alley approach.


    Phil Pearce

    Designer, CEO & Production Director


    25 years in the Fashion business Specialized in management of large volume production Specialized in product development Specialized in design

    Bethel Collins

    Global Sales Director, Marketing Director & Merchandising


    15 years in the Fashion business Specialized in developing Interna?onal sales strategies Specialized in branding and merchandising Specialized in business development